Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Grills Gone Wild

From somewhere in the vast, smoking barbecue wastes of the South comes the Grills Gone Wild “competition BBQ team.”

If we attempt to tease apart this image and the legend that appears above—to deconstruct them—something pops out: it isn’t the grills that are shown having “gone wild.” It is the (obviously inebriated) young sow. The pig’s risqué dance—note the spotlight beneath her!—is merely prelude to the main event. The real action, the rampage of the grills, happens later, off-stage. It is there the pig will find herself, as might have been said in more tender times, interfered with.

For isn’t that the only interpretation that makes any sense? An innocent pig, cast in the role of would-be starlet, intoxicated by free beer and the attentions of a father figure (at last!), is thrown to the wolves. Or, in this case, to the searing boudoir.

One final point to provoke anguished contemplation: the official name of this logo on the GGW web site is “clean_logo2.” If that doesn’t fill you with dread (just imagining what the unclean logo must look like), then I fear for your mental integrity.

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