Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Barbecue on the River

Although it is, technically, possible that the chicken and pig believe the good folks of Paducah, Kentucky, have gathered to honor them, I believe they know this is meant to be the other kind of “roast.” And so, here they come, holding "hands," playing to the balconies, strutting onstage to greet an adoring (and salivating) public. The actors know their lines well: “We, who are about to die, salute you!”

Organizers of the Barbecue on the River Tournament and Pig-Out promise “family entertainment” (including “balloon buffoonery” and marionettes) and 25 tons of grilled chickens and pigs. This is clearly the big time. Which explains why the chicken (adorned with lipstick and an earring, if not lips and earlobes) looks for more than her usual ancillary role. Yes, she is making the most of her one big shot. All tarted up, flashing those baby blues, she is ready to face the critics' knives and forks.

The checkered flag motif of their Bandannas of the Damned could hardly be more apt. Chicken? Pig? You have reached the finish line. Take a bow. Your public's waiting for you backstage.

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