Sunday, January 28, 2007

Famous Dave's

One can only surmise that the trademark Psychotic Dave's® was already taken.

For how else, apart from psychotic, could we describe this porcine chef? He grills up pig ribs—his own ribs?—not grudgingly, not under duress. And not only willingly. Or merely eagerly. Or enthusiastically. He shoves them into the fire with wild, tongue-lolling abandon. As though trying to impress God (or Napoleon or the talking doorknob) with his ecstatic fervor.

We can only look on with pity as we bemoan Reagan's policies that brought us to this sad state, where the mentally ill, having been deinstitutionalized en masse, were free to be employed by "legendary" pit bar-b-ques.

Addendum (1/01/08): Alas, our alarm went unheeded. And now, look! Thornton, Colorado, is menaced by a Famous Dave's pig of Godzillish proportions!


Zena said...

Okay, so what I think of when I look at that logo, is that this pig did something really, really bad back at the factory farm, and it was sent straight to hell. Yes, that hell, where the dark lord Satan was waiting for it. The farm circle of hell, aka, the "pit bar-b-que", is where pigs, cows, chickens, etc... are starved and left to cannibalize one another. Do spirits feel hunger? Of course they do! (See: Buddhism, hungry ghosts) That poor pig. I wonder what it did to deserve this? I doubt anyone from the Donner Party was grinning and licking his lips as he chewed on his neighbor's boot laces. (Though the alleged cannibalism of the Donner party is now in doubt, but that's another story.)

Matt Novak said...

When I saw the link on BoingBoing Famous Dave's was my first thought.