Friday, September 3, 2010

National BBQ Festival

We have been pondering this thing for several hours straight. We're still at sea.

So there's this pig, right? And he's on a table? With, like, a checkerboard pattern covering his skin.

Is the pig a ghost? Are we seeing through him?

Is his transparency a metaphor, meant to imply that he never had any weight before he was killed, never made any demands on our consciences?

Was the pig run over by a truck with tires bearing a tread in the same design as the tablecloth?

Is the pig a chameleon-pig hybrid attempting a bit of closing-the-barn-doors-after-the-horses-have-gone-out camouflage?

Is this all just evidence of, shall we say, a naive aesthetic style? (Take a look at that perspective- and gravity-defying jar of "spice.")

Or, you know what? Let's just stick with this little cartoon, also from the National BBQ Festival in Douglas, Georgia.

It's a flag-waving, smile-grinning, fire-ignoring good time!

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