Monday, September 13, 2010

Lamb Shanks at Hell Pizza

This huggable little fleecy-face has truly found himself.

And, to think, the only price for his happiness, his boundless, giggling joy—his fluffy-cloud serenity—was a couple legs. And hind ones at that.

Plus, now he has a cute little contraption for wheeling himself across the meadow!

And where did his unwanted, practically vestigial legs go? Why, to a New Zealand pizza chain, of course!

Talk about your basic win-win scenario: The lamb becomes an ovine/cyborg (the Lambtron 2000), and pizza customers get to dine on the legs of lambs!

(Thanks to Dr. Maria for the referral.)


Cynthia said...

Sheepborg. "Resistence is futile. You will be assimilated. And digested."

Sick. Really, really sick.

Christopher said...

It's The Road in anthropomorphic children's cartoon mode.

Cavall de Quer said...

Oh, bloody hell, this really is too much.

Ian McCullough said...


Ben said...

Gold star!

(And 5 demerits.)