Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jocko's Steak House

Yes, follow him. In doing so, you will be satisfying one of his dearest wishes: that he be eaten with great gusto.

This brutish coquette! The way he tempts and teases with the toothpick, dislodging imaginary gristle in leering testament to the way he hopes you will pick clean your teeth of his rubbery remains! His insinuating eyes! His languid pose!

He beckons with scarcely concealed erotic threat.

And through and beneath it all, a homely jocularity that calls to mind the golden age of burlesque. Jocko's is held, in the finest knee-slapping tradition of populist Americana, to stand for Jenuine Oak Coals Kooks Our Steaks. (Evidence.)

(Thanks to Dr. Kiki Maraschino for permission to use the image.)

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