Monday, April 12, 2010

Whitney Farms

The animals—the three pigs and the ear-tagged cow—relish their servitude. We know this by the frolicsome familiarity with which they greet and nuzzle the farm's signage, its corporate identity.

The dreamy pig at the top, in particular, ratifies the proposition that he is indistinguishable from "all natural farm raised pork," the sort of being/substance with no need of autonomy or hyphens. He stretches, his aspiration that of the satisfied pilgrim, his belly painlessly pierced by the sign labeling him fit only for roasting.

The leaner in the lower-left is perky with thoughts of his impending end. The goggle-eyed hog in the lower-right appears almost surprised by how sweet life can be in the shadow of the All-Father, the paternal logo.

And among all of them, such contentment! For those only loosely tied to the present, life—this way station along the road to Better Things—is joyous.


Anonymous said...

And what of the cow/bull? Tokenism? A buddy of the pigs? Jealous that they have it so sweet? Looking forward to providing milk or cheese to go alongside the roast pork? Cryptic.

gih said...

I thought Witney Farm, that's in Colorado.