Thursday, January 28, 2010

Popeyes Musical Seafood

The seafood is going out with a bang!

Life has been good to the catfish and the crawfish. It has supplied them with sunglasses, hats, and the tools and time to make sweet jazz.

So don't grieve for them. Know that they go gladly, joyfully, jazzfully into the Waters of Death. And then on, of course, into the Fryers of Eternity.

And nobody's happier than they are that Popeyes, long associated with dead birds, has opened up its arms to let in the dead fish and crawfish! It's a fine thing, a good thing, a right thing that all of life's bounty can be funneled through the dying corridors and into the no-land of nonexistence.

Addendum: These two chickens at Popeyes in Chicago are enjoying a little live music while sampling the wine/broth/chicken "juice." (Thanks to Dr. Anthony for the photo.)

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