Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mountain High BBQ & Music Festival

In Franklin, North Carolina, the animals are willing. Boy howdy, are they willing!

When they hear the strains of the Mountain High BBQ & Music Festival wafting from those heavenly heights, they start a-dancin'!

Kick up your "heels," chicken! Prance and frolic, cow! And pigs? If you could just nudge the sign up… a little… higher?

Excellent! You guys are the best.

In a rational world (that is, in a world far, far away from this one), the animals would escape while the band tuned up. They'd flee across state lines—or wherever—to safety.

What they wouldn't do is carry on like this party was something being done for them, as opposed to something done to them.

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Anonymous said...

I guess they're hoisting that sign, but my first quick glance at this said "crucifix made out of pigs" to me. That led me to wonder if the crucifixion motif figures in suicidefood at all, but a search revealed no hits, alas.