Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bad Boyz Barbecue

This poor piglet, victimized by an uncaring world! Why is this on Suicide Food? Some cruel "sportsmen" are using him for target practice! Suicidal? Heavens—he's in the crosshairs!

Look more closely. This graphic from Bad Boyz Barbecue catering of North central Tennessee and central Kentucky does not depict a hapless martyr.

The face. Look at the pig's face. This is not the face of a victim. This is the face of the death-obsessed. The pig's heart isn't soured by the pain of living in a merciless world. Nor does he brood on a desire for vengeance. No, he is not preparing to rush the gunman while he reloads. What you're seeing isn't anger—it's scorn. The pig is contemptuous of the marksman's poor aim.

He wanted only to end this charade called living, to offer himself up to the appetites of a ravening crowd. And now... His every effort to do himself in is nullified. First it was booze (too much too quick—he just vomited and suffered a crushing headache), then hanging (no fingers means no knot-tying), and finally the rain of bullets. But no! It is almost as if a capricious God has decided the bullets shall veer and This One Shall Live! But who is this God to keep the pig from his destiny?

Addendum (7/10/08): Look who's moonlighting for the Nashville Lions Club's Maifest! Now he looks peeved because the lion doesn't know how to work the grill.

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