Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turkey Terrific

When you look up terrific in the dictionary, this is the picture you see. (It's also what you see when you look up turkey, dictionary illustration budgets having been slashed.) The whole thing is strange because this is actually a mural from a West Roxbury, Massachusetts, restaurant.

This blissed-out bird, his cloacal sphincter nothing but a demure pucker at the end of his atypically legless body, is an instant icon.

The pig or hotdog self-applying condiments is nothing compared to this guy. Even the chicken spooning broth over himself is small potatoes.

This turkey has made relaxation his religion, the roasting pan his church. On his bed of rippling brown substance (?), eyes closed, he soaks. He bastes. He cooks. He becomes... terrific.

(Thanks to Dr. Brian for the referral and the photo.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that one's really creepy!

Anonymous said...

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