Sunday, May 1, 2011

Naked Pig Q

Our favorite thing about this logo isn't the way it won't let us forget that pigs are sexual animals, perfectly suited to satisfy our many base desires.

No, as hauntingly nauseating beautiful as that thought is, it's not what keeps us riveted, our minds ever immersed in the oily world of bestiality's willing victims. (Thanks, world!)

What you need to know is that this image isn't just some cartoon. It's a portrait, an artistic interpretation of one of the foulest things we've ever seen, the porny Rachachuros pig. Which, if you're too cautious to click the link, is a photograph of a dead, crisp-skinned, sex-starved sow. On a plate. For you to "enjoy."

Just knowing that she has now entered the cultural lexicon is enough to make us yearn for a cave to call our own.

Addendum: Now these naked pigs are a little more demure. They have the good taste to hide their nudity behind a convenient picket fence.

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