Friday, May 27, 2011

Angel's BBQ

A sturdy example of the Grateful Sacrifice, one of the icons of the suicidefoodist movement.

If we could hear the thoughts of this pig, this newly minted angel, he might say, "At last! I am delivered at last from the stinking life into which I was born, and which was bequeathed to me as a necessary precondition for my ascendance into blissful eternity!" (Getting killed and grilled really brings out the poetry in a pig.) "Ill will? I bear the humans—my betters from their soles to their souls—no malice, for they have engineered my deliverance! And the only cost was a brief—so, so very brief—lifetime of worthlessness!"

Which is why the haloed food wears a beatific smile. Through his suffering and utter abnegation, he is clarified into his essence. And now, on ornamental wings, he soars to his last and best destination, and the life beyond life that his death and consumption made possible.

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Anonymous said...

the saddest thing about this one is that the art is kind of adorable. i'd totally buy that angel piggie on a t-shirt (but without the BBQ logo, obviously).