Monday, March 28, 2011

Turkey Farmers of Canada

You know those hilarious "Eat mor chikin" cows? (Hold on. We have to stop laughing. Almost. Just a sec. Okay. We're good.) Those scamps are "funny" because they are desperate to avoid being killed and eaten. They're just like people, what with their instinct for survival and their fear of pain. It's adorable!

This tom here is humorous in a whole different way. A whole different way we've only seen about a thousand times before.

Like the cows, the Canadian turkey edits a sign to upend the status quo. Of course, the system he wants to topple is the barbecue orthodoxy, which holds that turkeys aren't suitable ingredients. So you can understand the urgency.

The turkey derives meaning only from his desirability as a foodstuff. His one-bird crusade may seem quixotic. Irrational. Stupid. Insane. (We could go on.) But it's really the logical outcome of living in greater Suicidefoodistan.

(Thanks to Dr. Ken for the referral and the photo.)

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Desdemona said...

Somehow, the fact that the photo appears to have been culled (you should forgive the expression) from The Gallery of Regrettable Food only makes it worse. (I mean, who wouldn't want to be complicit in their own extinction, if it meant they could be transformed into something so..."appealing," am I right?!)