Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chickens Who Kick

You know, it's not only pigs who enjoy a hearty helping of imitation, mimicry, and lack of imagination. Some chickens are into that also, which they will now demonstrate:

(From left to right, by row: The Kickin' Chicken, Ken's Kickin' Chicken, some other Kickin Chicken; Eagles Pizza Kickin' Chicken, unidentified Kickin' Chicken, Ted's Famous Kickin Chicken (an image we first profiled in a different context); another bird of Ted's, BBQ Fight Club's Kickin' Chicken White Sauce, Coyote Jack's; unidentified kickin' chicken grocery store sign, yet another unidentified kickin' chicken image, Kickin' Fried Chicken.)

The chickens, why do they kick?

The cynics among us—and there could hardly be a less hospitable place for them than here!—would say their propensity for kicking comes principally from the rhyme of chicken and kickin'. Such simple-minded grouchitude.

No! They kick because they are so stuffed with happiness that they can't help it! All that positive energy must come out! It leaks, it trickles, it bursts out! And they kick! With wild, cheerful abandon they kick. It is the chickens' way of telling us, "I am alive! But not for long!"

We could learn a lot from the chickens.

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