Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Right Stuff BBQ

These are not ordinary pigs. These are not pigs who work from 9 to 5 and wash the car on Saturday. These are not pigs who install linoleum in the basement or head to the hardware store for a PVC S-trap. They don't go for walks in the cool of the evening. They don't run errands on Sunday.

These are special pigs. They have undergone rigorous training. They have pushed themselves to—past!—their limits.

And why? Why not live as ordinary pigs live?

Because, by setting themselves apart, by taking on challenges that would break lesser pigs, they have the chance to see things no living pig has seen! To experience life at its most intense and precious!

It is an honor they do not accept lightly.

Their mission is bittersweet. With lumps in their throats and a mixture of pride, fear, and anticipation, they approach their launchpad. Or, you know, lunchpad.

They know they might not won't be coming back from this one.

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