Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pappy's Choice Seasoning

The animals are happy, for Pappy has a plan for them.

He will sprinkle his choice seasonings upon them. Upon them all will he sprinkle the seasonings of his choosing. Yea, upon the chicken, the cow, the pig, and upon the fish that dwelleth in the sea will he cast his choicest seasoning.

The Father will transform them from dumb brutes into true Beings. Like the seasonings that adorn their flesh, they too will be marked as Chosen.

Thus are they gladdened, and their smiles they wear like wreaths of glory. Look at the cow's eyes. Hers is a gaze of pure peace. If she could, she would have Pappy choose you as well, so that you might know the joy of being truly well seasoned.


Anonymous said...

spoken like a real vegan I don't go stomping on your veggies so dont go stomping on my flesh eating practices. You think vegtables don't have feelings they are a living organic being, so when you are crunching on your carrot or munching on your salad listen for their screams at least my cow will be dead.

signed meat eater.

Anonymous said...

PETA - people eating tasty animals. so sorry you're missing out.