Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Suicide Pest Control: a digression

In keeping with some of our other digressions (on sports and clothing, for instance), this thing's off-topic but still relevant.

An enterprise devoted to exterminating household pests is endorsed and promoted by a household pest. For the sake of argument, we assume this is a spider, and not an eight-legged walrus.

Far from being concerned (or outraged or terrified) at the prospect of being controlled—that is, gassed into that great web in the sky—the spider has rappelled down to give Jeff's the thumbs-up. And that's without the pride felt by pigs and cows when they feature as a main course or celebration-defining spectacle. Spiders are cheap dates. All they require is for their absence to make your crawl space pest-free.


Anonymous said...

Your comments are usually spot-on. But in this case, is it possible that Jeff identifies with the spider? Maybe the deal is that he and spiders both hunt flies, mosquitos and other pests. I would lay even money that if we saw Jeff in person he would have a confident yet dopey expression punctuated by a bushy moustache. As a digression, I think that the Spiderman films would have been much more entertaining if Tobey Maguire would have been bitten by a salt of the earth working class arachnid like this guy rather than some exotic specimen.

- Toby Schnauzer

Ben said...

So when people see this big, bobbing beast, they're meant to think, "At least that hairy fellow will still be hanging from the rafters after Jeff is done"?

We have trouble seeing it that way.