Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jack's Bar-B-Que

Having died once, which allowed them to be consumed, the Jack's Bar-B-Que pigs ascended to heaven. And now! Now, they return, wingéd spirits, to assume form that they may be killed and eaten anew.

Sliding from the heights of heaven, they ski-jump into the mortal plane!

Not only a solution to the world's food shortages—imagine the self-administered food drops!—but also the secret to a pig's eternal happiness!

Understand: it's not that they wish to live again. No, they want to die again. And again. And again. It is the suicidefoodist version of the Circle of Life. Only, in their kinked conception, it is the Circle of Death. The pigs die, pass through life, only to die once more.

Again: they live only because living is the necessary precondition for dying.

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