Sunday, June 14, 2009

Partners BBQ Porkateria

On first glance, you might be thinking, "With partners like this, who needs enemies?"

But look closer. Two good ol' boys pigs are roasting their pal. Sure, sure. Happens all the time. It's a routine part of life as potential premium pork. (Surely the world's most dangerous profession.)

The partners, with their lacrosse stick and oversized novelty spatula, are all smiles. Not only have they helped a friend leap over life's last great hurdle, but they have ensured that they still have something to look forward to, as well.

In the porkateria, an outdoor facility, it would seem, things are decidedly informal. The cooks are in casual dress and give as much attention to the props of their fun-loving lifestyle as they do to the main course. Yes, they jammed an apple in his mouth, but they would rather be posing or practicing that bobbling-the-ball-in-the-lacross-stick and moving-it-around-as-you-twist-it thing.

So it's (green) hats off to you, partner pigs! May you get to savor the Apple of Death yourselves one day.

1 comment:

Anlina S. said...

This has a real horror movie quality to it. The tusks/teeth(fangs?) on the pigs just add to it.