Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Harvest Farm

Harvesting. Apparently, that's what they're calling it now.

Not only that, but at Happy Harvest the goats are "nurtured in love." What else would you expect from a member of the Tennessee Goat Producers Association? We assume they were meant to be the TGNA—the Goat Nurturers instead of Producers—but by the time they noticed the typo, the shirts and bumper stickers had already been printed.

Just take a look at those goats. Those are some pampered animals. They smile sweetly, knowing that their slaughter harvest will be a happy one. Their transformation into chevon (your word of the day) is no less glorious than the caterpillar's into a butterfly.


Anonymous said...

Happy Harvest? Ugh, that's so creepy!

Anonymous said...

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Amon The Atheist

Purely Random said...

As a breeder and raiser of meat goats, I found this offensive. Meat goats are taken care of to the best of the ranchers' ability. In many cases, this means staying up all night in order to make sure the does kid without issue and bringing weak kids into the house to be bottlefed. In some cases, the goats will be immensely pampered, although, these are usually the show goats and/or breeding stock.

Websites like this is why people who deal with livestock have such a bad name, when it is in fact, undeserved. Yes, there are those who do treat their animals cruelly, but the majority do not.

Of course, I'm just the enemy since I raise meat animals, thusly, everything I say will be considered a lie.