Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lefty's BBQ

Barbecue joints are the most frequent offenders when it comes to this kind of nauseating autophagimania. The porcine Uncle Tom in this image is bending over backward to ingratiate himself to his devourers even as the flames rise! The “cool” pig’s self-effacement is pathetic, like an elementary school nerd who willingly—eagerly!—undergoes any humiliation as long as it means a few moments in the reflected glory of his betters. “Look at me, Lefty! Ever seen a pig rock out like me? The secret’s in the sauce!”

After contemplating the banal evil of this illustration for a few minutes, though, a horrible truth rises like clouds of mosquitoes from a miasma: The pig is Lefty! He is playing the guitar left-trottered, after all, as Lefty surely does! He is actually presiding over his own broiling, blasting out sound by the pound while cookie sharpens the knives!

"We will serve no swine before it's (sic) time." (sick)


Anonymous said...

actually, he seems to be bending over forward.

Lisa Barrow said...

At first, I read it as meaning "no swine before its time," too. And a grammatical error seems entirely plausible. But now I think it really *could* be read "before [it is] time."

And, at Lefty's, I guess it's always time.