Monday, December 25, 2006

Rosie's Vermont Beef Jerky

Rosie’s may be "quite possibly the world's finest tasting beef jerky," but, all the same, it looks like chewing gum. Or maybe… Is it just compressed slabs of suet? Is that Rosie’s revolting secret?

An equally hideous, yet open, secret is that our lumberjackbull must have sampled many, many beef jerky products to make his startling claim with such equanimity. Here is the most dubious spokesman yet. His everyman cap and plaid cannot disguise his pronounced unfitness for duty. Exactly how many of his bovine brethren has he tasted? Would you take the word of an avowed and unrepentant cannibal?

Could it be that Rosie has something on him? Does the plight of the blackmailed bull stir our sensitivities? Or may we comfortably place him in the collaborator file and be done with him?

(Answer: Collaborator.)


Anonymous said...

Dude get a life.

Ben said...

We waited four and a half years for that comment?

Devoted Daddy said...

How about coming over for a nice steak dinner . For starter we will be having bacon rapped bacon covered in bacon sauce. For dinner we shall have steak in the slaughter house with blood sausage. For Deseert we shall be having pork pie and hog growls.

Don't forget your steak sauce dumb ass.....