Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baby Got Rack

A porcine temptress, a platter of pig ribs, and thou. Surely, this is the stuff of nightmare—the cruel, bosomy pig in frilly skirt and garter belt, holding aloft her dismembered relatives. (Have sex and violence ever commingled to such repugnant effect?) Is she peddling their flesh in a craven attempt to spare herself from the roaster? Doesn’t she know that pimps only claim to love their bitches? Once they turn you out, you’re nothing to them.

But let us ask this more mundane question: Exactly what message is the “award-winning bbq team” (bbq team?) from Temple, Georgia, shooting for here? “I don’t know which I want more: to pork the waitress or butcher her and tear the flesh from her ribs!”

Perhaps this harlot has a heart of gold after all, and she'll steer the customers to the salad bar instead.


Lisa said...

I vote 5 nooses for this one! Repugnant!

Anonymous said...

Where can I vote for "wow, you're really over reacting to a cartoon and need to get out of the house."

honestly its shocking that you could be that offended by a cartoon... and "the message"... the guy is trying to send... is most likely something like "I came up with a clever play on words, and here's a funny cartoon that makes people laugh."

seriously, grow up

Anonymous said...

B & M.....according to these folks you're going to "swine hell" or then again, maybe it's just the cartoonist that's going to hell?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The last time anyone got so bother by a cartoon, I remember a bunch of radical Islams flipping-out because of an "offensive image" posted in Danish newspaper. People rioted, builings were burned, and some folks even died. And that was because of a cartoon. A CARTOON, you morons!! Are you really that desperate for blog time on such a harmless subject? I mean... with famine, starvation (Mmmm... delicious pork ribs!), and war raging all over the world... why don't you find a better use of your time or a subject that really is offensive? Pick a hobby, maybe (I hear that competitive bbq'ing can be fun). Otherwise, be sure to shield your children from old Muppet Show re-runs so that they don't grow up to think that Miss Piggy is both a temptress and a poor role model for girls. You should move to Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or some other country were people find it perfectly acceptable and normal behavior to get bent out of shape over a cartoon. Be sure to throw a rock at a tank for me once you get there.

Ben said...

It appears we have really struck a nerve with the people whose nerves get struck by people getting their nerves struck by, um... things.

Carry on, all!

At the risk of puncturing a hole in the illusion here, I would suggest that everyone acquire a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

As the pig depicted in the picture in question, I would like to notify my fans that I authorized use of my image and I can assure you that no animals were harmed in the drawing of this cartoon. And seeing that swine such as myself will eat anything (even to the point of cannibalism), I fully condone the consumption of ribs and second the notion that anyone who is offended by cartoons should get a life.

Anonymous said...

As the owner of the logo in question, and head cook of the bbq team (yes, Virginia - there is a bbq team) - I can't tell if this site is meant to be a joke, or if it is real.

If the site is really a negative voice towards animals such as the description claims - then I think you need to get a life. We're a small group of friends who like to travel across the state of Georgia and Alabama cooking up some good food and spending quality time together as friends and family. Nothing more...nothing less. We certainly aren't trying to make a statement with anything - nor are we trying to commingle sex and violence, such as the author of this site suggests.

If the site is meant to be a parody or joke, I think a little less subtlety would play well here.

I was personally shocked to see our logo and team on this site. I thought it was funny that someone could get so worked up over a CARTOON PIG!!!

But anyway, my gut tells me that the site is meant to be a joke - based upon what BEN wrote about puncturing a hole in the illusion and everyone getting a sense of humor.

Either way, I'm just honored to be singled out - positive or negative.

What's that phrase? "There's no such thing as bad press."

Brad Morrell

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who wonders why people are so freaked out about "Ben"s postings? I think it's funny that someone posting on this blog would say "get a life". What is the poster claiming? That they have more of a life? They are posting a comment on someone's blog.... weird. But not quite as weird as depicting an animal holding a plate of cooked... themselves. that's truly odd. Kudos to "Ben" for showing how strange people are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are the only person wondering that. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

No, "the other white meat" isn't alone... I'm wondering that too. I'm also wondering how cartoon pigs can be more real to people than the actual pigs -- I don't suppose you ever consider what you're doing to them... oh, no. Reality? How silly of me.

Anonymous said...

Sure, we know what we're doing to pigs when we eat them - exactly what God created them for: FOOD!

Question for vegetarians:

Why aren't you concerned about the feelings of plants that you eat?

"Plants don't have feelings."

Really? How do you know that? Ever heard of plants "perking up" when music is played?

Now, I don't know much about plants, but that would indicate to me that there is SOMETHING going on there.

And what about those leather products that you have. If you're so worried about those poor defenseless animals, please don't own any leather products. Cows had to die for those.

And please don't take any medication when you get sick. I'd hate for you to benefit from a pill that was made safe due to testing on animals first. Poor animals.

The point is that if you are REALLY going to be worried about animals, please be consistent across the board - and not just when it benefits your comfort level.

Brad Morrell

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brad.

Anonymous said...

Somebody sure is defensive that his cartoon is offensive.

The reason this cartoon is offensive is because of what the artist was thinking when he drew it. The artist was conflating women and cannibilism - two things that should not go together, but in the artist's mind they apparently do.

At some level the owner must know this, and that's why he's so defensive. He knows he's a wierdo, and now we know it too.

It doesn't take a PhD. to figure this stuff out.

Anonymous said...

Brad--when plants develop nervous systems, then I'll worry about their feeling pain.

And I don't have any leather. I also don't have wool, silk, or fur.

I only take medications when I need to, but considering that animal experimentation is not a necessary part of science, there isn't always an ethical dilemma. Plenty of medicines, etc, have been developed without testing on animals. But what about those which haven't been? If you were an abolitionist living during the era of slavery and needed to use a road that slaves had built, would you refuse that road when NOTHING else was available? Anyway, I only use medications not tested on animals as much as necessary, but once in a while I need to take that road. Just because I can't be perfect doesn't mean I shouldn't try my best to do the right thing.

I am plenty consistent and most other vegans are as well. We're not perfect--anybody who says so is lying--but I assume you don't drive down the road intentionally aiming for squirrels and rabbits because once in a while you might screw up and hit one. Similarly, I don't support factory farms or vivisection just because as a living being on the planet, I'm bound to accidentally hurt other living things. Why should you?

Anonymous said...

Old post, but I'm a new reader.

To Brad, no, I don't buy leather. Thanks very much for the general sense of well being.

You're right, though, God did create animals for food, so it's a damn good thing that every single person in America (and elsewhere in the world. That would be me) believes in God. I mean, if it says it in the Bible, I must be a moron for trying to assert my own morality over that of a man who supported slavery, sexual inequality, racial intolerance and the dashing of babies against rocks.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to the party here, but think about this. If God made animals for food and no other reason, why would He put so much detail into them? Why would He waste time making each one of them unique? Each animal species looks different, and behaves different, than other animal species. And, if you've ever owned a pet, you'd see that even among the species, animals have different personalities.

Why didn't He instead create meat in meat form? It would have been a lot easier if chicken legs grew like plants, and you could get a rib rack off a tree. If God intended for pigs to soley be food, why make them so intelligent? (In fact, if I remember correctly, didn't He forbid people from eating pigs originally? Isn't that why Jews still don't eat any pork products?) He should have made pork grow from the ground instead.