Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Educated Pig

This charming British enterprise, their web site proclaims, is “a celebration of Prime British Pork”—they even have a “24 hr Enquiry Hotline”—and a bloody good celebration it is!

Of course, what does this logo tell us about the UK’s education system, when a so-called “educated” pig can appear as the spokesman for a company dedicated to killing and eating him? His overeagerness, even as he clutches his worthless diploma, disgusts everyone who witnesses it. Would it surprise you to learn that the college that graduated him was an elaborate sham perpetrated by his human “masters”? (It would not.)

Your schooling’s over, you pork. Welcome to the real world. Don’t get too attached to it.


Anonymous said...

If only he had read the works of Ayn Rand, and rejected the altruistic code of self-sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

could you please consider changing your noose icon as a grading system. I am sure many people other than myself have had loved ones take thier own life by such terrible circumstances. It haunts me seeing this icon. please consider changing it.