Monday, December 19, 2011

Pleasantville Pig Out

Compare if you will the name Pleasantville with the gruesomely spot-on barbecue-related town names we've seen in the past, like Boiling Springs Lake and Hardball Farms. While those toponyms put it all out there—the pain, the anguish—Pleasantville is coy. Pleasant. Does this look pleasant?

The pig in his barbecue grill jail, the flames swelling at his back—that's pleasant?

Well, for him, it probably is. We lost our heads for a minute. This isn't one of our scheduled Festivals of Cruelty, wherein the animals are truly terrorized and hounded to the brink of death and beyond.

This is party time. The animals are honored guests, proud for the chance to die and experience the oblivion they've spent their lives pursuing.


Anonymous said...

I'm the author, and I thought I'd write to say that you might actually enjoy the book if you read it. Baxter doesn't understand that anyone has any interest in eating him. That's really the point of the book. It's all a mixup, and other reviewers have said the book has a "vegetarian message." Baxter only wants to be included at the table, as a guest, and in the end he is!

Ben said...

We're assuming you meant to reply to the post about the Baxter book instead.

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