Monday, April 25, 2011

Widespread Barbecue

Like the Pied Piper he leads them. But the pig's Hamelin (har har?) is the whole world! It doesn't get much more widespread than that!

To the devious pig, we're all fair game. The whole planet—all of humanity—will be seduced into following! Men, women, children! Every hue in the Rainbow of Man! They all want a piece of that pig!

But let's face it. It's not so hard to tempt the humans. To hear the barbekooks tell it, Eve tempted Adam with a scrap of bacon, so the pig's feat is nothing special. Still, the scope! The grand, world-encompassing scale of the thing!

Scampering westward across North America, his feet twinkling above the Pacific, the pig delights in his power! He's got them all where he wants them: hungry, armed, and increasingly desperate. The billions will make quick work of him.

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