Sunday, April 3, 2011

Butt Rubbers BBQ

Does it just get your blood pumping and your juices flowing? Sex and death—the Great Positive and Negative of existence, the Creator and the Destroyer—have been rejiggered and reengineered so many times we barely even know what we're looking at anymore.

As we have asked before, what is the purpose of images like this? What would they drive us to do? How, exactly, are they meant to inflame us?

Does this one inspire procreative or all-destroying impulses? Does it prompt some viewers to imagine sexual conquest, while others imagine shoving the sow into the flames? Are some led to imagine both?

A puzzle: If they know nothing else, the barbecultists know that "pork butt" does not come from the former animal's rump. They know it comes from the pig's shoulder. So why, one may well wonder, do we see so many depictions conflating pork butt with the anatomy of callipygian women? We think we know the answer, but it frightens us.


Anonymous said...

Yowza. Is that the grill she is going to cook herself in or is there a tied up pig off to the side about to be butchered. What kind of sick Charles Manson esque BBQ joint is this?

Jade Graham said...

The meat was same as the chicken, way too dry and since it's a well done meat, it tends to be hard. Food Truck Catering Wedding