Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day BBQ Competition

In the shadow of Seattle's Space Needle, hopeful Australians and their equally hopeful sheep gather to commemorate the arrival of the first batch of colonists—half of them convicts—to arrive in Australia, in 1788.

They do this, of course, by barbecuing their friends and/or being barbecued by their friends.

Which, we guess, is their quaint way of reenacting the warden/prisoner motif.

(Pardon us, but Australia Day was actually the 26th. We're late. But we're sure the animals had their chance to die, and that's all that matters.)


Tahn said...

It is actually quite disgusting here in Australia. Apparently all Australians should eat lamb on Australia Day, and if you don't, it is deemed unAustralian!
Well, guess what? I'm proud to be unAustralian if that is the case!
Also they are trying to make it legal to NOT feed new calves for the last 30 hours of their lives! Check out animalsaustralia dot org for more info.

Anonymous said...

That's not the Space Needle, that's Centrepoint Tower in Sydney.

Ben said...

Nope. It was an event in Seattle (, and that is Seattle's lithe Space Needle.