Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fork 'n Halo BBQ Sauce

Talk about playing both sides of the street!

It's like the entirety of pig creation has endorsed this stuff. The saintly want you to partake. The corrupt want you to partake. Partake, damn you!

That old trope, the angel on one shoulder whispering its pious guidance while balanced by the wicked words of the imp on your other shoulder, has been bled of dramatic power and any moral significance by the exigencies of selling meat moisteners. There is no longer any choice to make, any set of competing forces to weigh, any character or courage to explore and discover and test in the forge of the battle between Good and Evil.

When neither goodness nor turpitude can be defined by its opposite's absence, when neither retains the power to tempt or console, when all we're left with is a neither-good-nor-bad mongrel of ambiguity, can we be free?


Desdemona said...

Whoa. This is positively Miltonian, an attempt to justify the ways of Suicide Food to Man!

Daelyn said...

Incredible collection! Maybe we can feature your site in an article on This Dish Is Veg? Let me know.