Friday, October 15, 2010


One last party, a final celebration before leaving the cloister of college and entering the real world.

And what a change it will be! No more Friday night keggers. No more close-knit community of like-minded buddies. No more easy life of responsibilities so small they can be discharged even through the miasma of a hangover.

The journey they embark on is a solemn one. And while they're proud to have come so far and eager to set out and prove their worth as edible objects, they need one last bash to mark the milestone. Which is why the one pig is tending the barbecue (his own, if you get our drift), the cow's wielding the fork, and the chicken—the perennial short straw drawer—has died of zealous beer-bonging.

(Thanks to Dr. Pat for the referral.)

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