Friday, June 11, 2010

National Foie Gras Week

One year ago, National Foie Gras Week took place, and the echoes still resound!

Even now, the birds are mocking the misplaced concern of the animalists. Do you see? Do you see how the necks of the liver-givers are adorned, emphasized, or otherwise exaggerated? Here it's not neck ties—it's a napkin and a fanciful O. Whatever it takes to focus our eyes on the source of the birds' pathos and triumph.

The fowl are more than mere foodstuffs (or living containers for distended livers). They are freedom fighters, offering an example of resistance. They will not lie down and let the simpering do-gooders take away our foie gras! (That's right: our foie gras.)

Along with Chicago Chefs for Choice, they will go down fighting. (Well, as long as they go down, it's all good. Right, Chicago Chefs?) With their dying breaths, they will proclaim the Truth! That a life without bird organs on crackers is no kind of life! That a dreary, meaningless existence—a mortal slog with nothing at the end but oblivion—is not enough for some! No! They will be spread on toast points. They will be crammed into terrines!

The gavageoisie will not be denied!

Addendum: More food for thought from the land of liverté. "Upon this duck's liver, this is delicious—and I know what I'm talking about!" (Thanks to Drs. aelle and Desdemona for translation assistance.)


Desdemona said...

This post made me feel nostalgic for Francois...le sigh. I wonder where he is now?

Cavall de Quer said...

Are we to understand that the little duck at the end is eating DUCK LIVER?

Incidentally, A.A.Milne's father used to explain that pointing your knife and fork up in the air was bad manners because if someone fell through the ceiling, they might impale themselves on the points. Someone should tell the duck this - cannibalism AND bad manners - give me a break!

Julian E said...

I'm reminded of a book tour appearance of Mark Caro, author of "The Foie Gras Wars," that I went to. These days, of course, anyone who wants to be a Serious And Insightful Writer has to do the even-handed, Pollanesque "on the one hand, I wouldn't want to be a duck being force fed, but on the other hand, I just ate some foie gras and it's delicious and vegans are sanctimonious jerks" thing.

ryan said...

also, their necks/heads come together to form the shape of a heart... no matter what may befall them, their engorged love will prevail.