Friday, July 10, 2009

Williamsburg Salumeria

These happy inmates, their words obscured by thoughtful prison bars!

"I'm hot," says he.

Says she, "I'm sweet."

"Try us both," they say, adding, "We're a treat!!"

Never have victims been more willing. He is proud, she coy. The both of them so playful.

Representing a mom-and-pop salumeria in Brooklyn, Mr. and Mrs. Pig want only to please. To lure. To draw. To advertise.

To die.

(Thanks to Dr. Sandra for the referral and photo.)

1 comment:

kelly g. said...

That's an awfully short skirt on Mrs. Pig. If she were human, her vag would be showing.

Of course, if she were human, she wouldn't be in a damn frying pan to begin with. Meh.