Monday, June 8, 2009

Addicted to Rub

The year was 1986. Robert Palmer's Riptide LP spawned a #1 hit titled Addicted to Love. The video for the song featured the singer, cool in a dress shirt and tie, backed by a "band" of leggy, lipsticked Stepford Wives.

Flash forward to the present. It's like we're watching the video remade with an all-bovine cast.

Robert Bullmer croons as his accompanyists pretend to play instruments fashioned from the apparatus of their eventual cooking.

Enough with the scene-setting. Let's get to the guts of the matter: The whole pun rests on the substitution of love (as a euphemism for sex) with rub (as a symbol for barbecue and, therefore, animal destruction). When seen in that light, as intended, the image becomes merely the latest in a worryingly long line of sex-obsessed barbecue logos that represent an unwholesome flirtation with veiled violence.


Red said...

Small correction. The year was 1986.

Ben said...

You are correct. It was released in March of '86. Fixed.