Sunday, February 22, 2009

King of the Sea Seafood Restaurant

Weep no tears for the faded king and his forlorn kingdom!

True, the royal readerboard, record of the bards, announces the king's fate:

Killed Jumbo.

Verily was King Jumbo slain, struck down by a foe whose identity has been lost to the ceaseless waves.

But dry your eyes! The soaring songs are yet sung! Though the sign be weathered, its paint peeling, its greatness consigned to memory, the legend lives!

Recall him as though he still stands atop the waters. His trident, the blunted symbol of his meekness! His grin, the invitation to any and all to slaughter his entire people! His crown, frivolous trinket denoting nothing! Hand on hip in wan mockery of righteous anger!

The king is dead. Long live the king!

(Thanks to Dr. gongfujazz for the photo.)

Addendum: Or it's Grilled Jumbo. Either way.


Erika said...

Man, the king himself gets killed and grilled and he's only $.99? I would expect a higher price for royal meat. Talk about a final insult.

Sandy Cameron said...

I love this blog so much.