Friday, February 6, 2009

Hoochie Mama BBQ Rub

Sexually, um, "expressive" livestock are such a dominant theme within the corpus of suicidefoodism that we really have to wonder (again!) what is up.

Even if we accept the need for a humanoid cow—which we do not—why must the cow be "womanly"?

And if she must be womanly, why must she be portrayed as sexually promiscuous? You know, the cleavage. The kissy face. And the word hoochie, of course.

Why, why, why?

Is it the presence of rub on the label? Is that what turns their thoughts to illegitimate massage parlors?

And finally: SuckleBusters?!


Anonymous said...

Ben said...

Back atcha:

Michelle said...

Some very veprecose food adverts here, brother. ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and claim kinship.

These adverts are ghastly. I can think of a strange story of the complete opposite. I'm from Africa, where things can be very different from the "Western world" (why West? I always wondered about that as a kid, when every country on that list was NORTH of me).

In a certain area of Africa good-doers sent out canned milk to be handed out to mothers and children. THe result was rioting and mayhem. The reason? The label showed a happy smiling mother with happy smiling children... holding glasses of milk. Not being able to read the English writing, and being used to canned meat products that showed the animal on the label, the people being handed the cans jumped to the obvious conclusion that they were being fed canned mothers and children! In rage and horror at this blatant forced cannabalism they rioted. True story.

Txngent said...

As good as it makes your meat taste, well it would make you rub your carrot!!!!

Carol J. Adams said...

Ben you ask why? why? why?
I'd suggest it is because we live in a world organized by The Sexual Politics of Meat... where women are animalized and animals are sexualized. See my book of that title or The Pornography of meat.
Thanks for your post.
Carol J. Adams