Monday, August 30, 2010

Pig Breeders Association of Catarina

If any pig had reason to flee death, and emerge into light and love, it should be this one.

With the natural beauties of south Brazil's Santa Catarina all around him—not to mention the charming glory of Florianópolis, its island capital city—he would appear to have the most to live for.

And yet.

And yet he is in the grip of Suicidefoodism, that foulest of philosophies. So, while the natural world teems about him with wonders unsampled and the built world rises around him with all its comforts and excitements, he turns toward death. Happily, he turns his thoughts to the City Within the Black Desert.

Oh, he might be "the healthiest, the tastiest," but he has already renounced Life.

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