Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mighty Swiners

Up in the sky! Look! It's a shill! It's a plant! It's the Mighty Swiners!

Bearing their magic talismans—the tongs, the barbecue brush, the checkered flag—the caped co-conspirators streak through the skies. Their mission: to, um, get eaten. It's not actually very superheroic when viewed in the cold, clear light of day.

Remember, these are merely the latest examples of the suicidefoodist version of the superhero archetype (last seen here). As such, they strive to protect neither the populace of the cities they call home, nor even themselves. They are dedicated not to justice, or even justice's disfigured cousin revenge, but instead to their own death and dismemberment. Don't expect any comic book or big-budget theatrical spin-offs.

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