Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brooklyn Pork Store

Let's get back to basics, shall we? His "royal" "highness," the poor pig in this logo, is characteristic of other regal "food" animals we've profiled. Compare him with this "common man" monarch and this kingly goofball.

The main point? They can call him the sausage king. They can make a big show out of setting a plastic crown on his head. But this pig is no king. Just look at him, his tongue wagging, his dimbulb eyes goggling. Him? Royalty? He's the only one who's fooled.

Even more than most suicidefoodist tableaux, this game—this conferring of mock majesty—is an elaborate joke. The whole place is rank with the condescension shown toward the simple pig. Look at him with his chintzy crown and clip-on bow tie. The king! Ha!

But he buys it. Bless his flabby brain, he buys it.

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