Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Barbecue News

What Scoop here won't do to get the story!

Traffic jams, the high heat of summer, sciatica acting up? Nothing will stop him. If there's an event involving dead pigs, he'll be there. With his notepad and anachronistic fedora and press card, he'll be there. To inform, entertain, and sell, sell, sell!

This is not the journalist-as-muckraker model you might remember from the Watergate days. This is more of the bought-and-paid-for PR-shill model.

Scoop isn't driven by the dream of overturning the system, of exposing the abuses of the pig-killing industry. No, he's there to promote it.

You can just hear him interviewing a source:

"What's that? How many ribs will you be moving at this here celebration? 300 slabs? Soo-wee, that's a lot! Smells good, too. You say this is the finest barbecue in three counties? Can I quote you on that?"

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