Saturday, May 7, 2011

Slo Smoked Mo Better

There's nothing like takin' it... slooow. Just easin' it down, leanin' it back, and takin' it slow. The g's melt away when you prop yourself on the barbecue and let the smoke do its job.

The pig knows. The repository of an entire culture's self-destructive wisdom, the pig knows that the path of least resistance is the only way to fly.

He's nestled. He's snuggled in. He's cozied up. He's meetin' fate on his own terms: slow and easy. Not a g in sight.

Let it happen. Can't keep the future at bay. Can't fight destiny. No point gettin' up and findin' another place to snooze. No use in headin' for a spot with fewer droolin' humans eyeballin' you. Just let go and take it slow.

It'll all be over soon enough.

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