Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 Pork Harmony

What we really want to discuss isn't the weirdest barbecue-related punning we've seen this year, but the striking imagery this outfit employs.

Look beneath and beyond the iconic barber pole and what do you see?

A pig in cheerful agony, his body wrung by some joyous mangle and reduced to candy-cane stripes of white meat and red gore. The tail waggles at the bottom and at the top the pig's face shows, uncreased and untroubled.

On another note, whether 4 Pork Harmony combines cooked pigs with Sweet Adeline-singing, handlebar-bemustached anachronisms or with an actual barbershop replete with piles of human hair, this is a bizarre blending.

Speaking of which, remember this bracing blend of clashing concepts?

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