Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mabel's Barbeque

Granted, this tasty slab of ribs is long past her/its days as a living creature, but cast your thoughts back to her/its once-upon-a-time animalhood.

Is this what she/it dreamt of, to become merely a piece—a portion—of herself/itself? Bizarre as it is to contemplate such a world, surely this is the only thing that makes sense. How else to explain the form she/it has taken and the state she/it is in? So composed, at ease, sanguine.

For who else did her/its makeup? No union specializes in the application of cosmetics to pork ribs. She/it put on her/its own face.

And then there are those Mary Janes and the feet crossed in extravagant casualness at the ankle.

The fork held aloft as though she/it is so tender—as she/it knew she/it would be—that she/it wants the first bite. Such refined sensibilities! In life, this must have been one demure pig: who eats ribs with a fork? Behavior like that would get you summarily dismissed from the Royal Order of the Grill Corps(e).

And then of course, there's that shrug, that half-smirk—here is the clincher. This is an expression of satisfaction. Everything has proceeded according to plan. And, really, isn't this the only way to dine? On food that was once a sentient being desiring nothing more than the smoky release of death? Wanted it so fervently that it is only in death that she/it can finally experience true happiness?


d. said...

This makes me want to gag. The poor pigs already been cut, basted, and grilled, yet still retains a face?? That's truly freakish.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you know nothing of marketing. The slab of ribs represents the idea that the chef makes the food look beautiful and you shouldn't piss on others livelyhoods. Do you feed the hungry? Do you kill others will you car pollutants? You obviously aren't an authority on saving the world truth is u make me gag, with your judgemental snickery.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone say libel suit?

d. said...

@ anonymous: Don't come at me with that bullshit! As if you know what the hell I do daily to help the planet. One thing I do is to not ingest animal parts. But the truth is (whether you want to believe it or not) I don't have to be some environmental superhero to understand how gut wrenchingly sick and twisted this ad is..You freaking carnivores will do anything, say anything, believe anything just to get your hands on the next piece of tarted up, blue eye-shadowed, red lipsticked dripping carcass. I reserve the right to PISS all over others lively hoods when they come at the cost of unsuspecting,defenseless, and guiltless animals. Now go cry into your bloody-greasy-barbecue sauce napkin!

Anonymous said...

Well you must hate everyone in here they all cook meat???what are you made at the logo's?If your point is meat then every one should have 5 a hole