Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Sweet Rack BBQ

Henceforth, or until we have to stop because it makes us feel too weird, this mingling of meat and sex will be referred to as feastiality.

What else can we call it when they create this mash-up of iconic sex symbol Marilyn Monroe and a rack of pork ribs? (Yes, yes, there's also the hilarious "rack of ribs" = "woman's bust" cliché.) They want to have their cake and eat it too. That is, they want to "have" their sex symbol—if you know what we mean—and consume her too.

Is it that the barbekooks would don the mantle of the conqueror? Must they not only take, but dominate? Must they annihilate? Where does this come from, this need to go beyond mere eating?

Unable to obtain Marilyn herself, they see her taunting vision in livestock. In food.

(Image source.)

Addendum: According to a site billing itself as "the leading online news and technical resource to the global swine industry," Pig Marilyn here is markedly underteated. Only six? You call that sexy?

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Carol J. Adams said...

Ben I would call it the sexual politics of meat. That is at the heart of the sexual politics of meat. Not sure feastiality captures it. But you certainly have some incredible examples!