Monday, July 4, 2011

The Great American BBQ & Brew House

What finer symbol for this day, when a nation celebrates and honors the qualities it holds most dear? The Fourth is a day for celebrating independence! Courage! Freedom! Justice! Who better than a pig—a benighted creature permitted the enjoyment of none of those things—to dress in the garb of those who guard the rights of Man!

He waves his little flag and welcomes them all. Like Lady Liberty standing in her harbor and lighting the way for the poor and hopeless, throwing open the gates and saying, "Here! Here! Here is the respite you seek and the honest work you crave and a peace born of equality!" the pig asks them all in.

And so they come. They come to eat dead pigs, to remind them, in between mouthfuls, of the greatness and goodness of this land.

(Enjoy last year's Fabulous Fourth.)

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