Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Mountain Farms

Have you been looking for a place to satisfy your dream of meeting miniature cattle while you satisfy your meat tooth? Look no further. Happy the 32-inch miniature bull—and the rest of his diminutive fellows—invite you to take it all in! See? He's talking to you!

Well, to be fair, Happy is mostly promoting the come-look-at-small-cows angle, but his parent company also deals in the edible side of the business, too.

Catering to the small-is-beautiful crowd, Happy and the rest of the shrimpy bovines make themselves available for anything you might have in mind. Petting, chewing, digesting, whatever.

(Thanks to Dr. Kirsten for the referral.)


SpoogeGod said...

Actually, this is kinda misleading. The miniature cow thing is like the miniature horses and potbelly pig pet crazes. Not one rancher would look at a miniature cow and say "Yeah, I can make big money selling these to McDonalds!" (unless if they were used for kids meals).

Ben said...

From gradwohlsfarmbeef.com, a site associated with Happy Mountain Farms: "The length of the miniature cattle muscle cell is shorter resulting in a very tender characteristic. Tenderness in beef is to a large extent a function of the length of the cell in the muscle. The shorter the muscle cell the more tender the beef. Hence low fat grass fed mini cattle are very tender. The size of the cut is also smaller which in today’s market is desirable."

These things are made to be food, not pets.