Monday, January 31, 2011

Pigs in a Spin Hog Roast

We can't help it. In spite of our years of training, our excessive—some would say redundant—history of observation, we just can't help wondering. Does this pig actually know what he's gotten himself into?

While he might, in fact, be "in a spin" (denoting a dizzy enthusiasm), surely he understand he will be in an actual, literal spin, one designed to ensure even roasting on a spit.

Our hesitancy surprises us. We have witnessed so many animals with so little regard for continuing in the shameful state known as "living" that you might think this would have stopped rattling us long ago. It's just… looking at this pig, with his smug grimace, we have to ask, to make sure: "Pig, have you considered all your options? Is this really what you want to be doing?" Then we take note of his "I'll see you in hell" eyes, and we know. He's like the others. He signed up for this joyride.

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