Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pigheaded BBQ

The pig's plan is finally bearing fruit. By finding a way to mate with miniature cows and chickens—thereby rendering their offspring blessed with the pig essence so prized (it would seem) by humans—he shares with the rest of creation the joy he has known so intimately.

It's a strange plan, admittedly, and it involves some irksome mutants, but whatever. Here's to the lovable crackpots who roll up their sleeves (or, in this case, tear them off), and get the job done!

We're not saying the pig is entirely altruistic, either. The wicked way he's looking at his feckless spawn does give one pause.

Well? What of it? Why shouldn't he get something in the bargain—in this case, the joy of killing and cooking—when he's giving so much? He, who made the lowly cows and the dim chickens more palatable, more desirable as living, breathing pre-food. More piglike.

Is he not their god? Do they not owe him everything? All the mightiest gifts—theirs!

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rt v2.0 said...

As co-creator of the name and logo, we enthusiastically accept your triple noose and raise you a slow smoked goose. With a pig head, of course...

RT v2.0
Pigheaded BBQ