Saturday, December 18, 2010

Assault From the Sky BBQ Competition Team

The grunts from Barbecue Division must not have read their rules and regs too closely. That, or they're the victims of enemy counter-intelligence.

Whatever the explanation, this operation is completely snafu.

They are parachuting behind enemy lines armed with the very instrument the other side is trained to use against them. It's like tossing Vlad the Impaler a big sharp stick and telling him to leave you alone! Those government-issue barbecue forks will be in the enemy's hands by 0900 hours.

Unless—and we hate even to suggest it—the pigs are collaborating with the enemy? Crazy, sure, but think about it. They call it an "assault," but they land smack-dab in the middle of the barbecues. (Imagine the scene: "Hit the deck! Dinner's landing right in our laps!") They equip the enemy. It's almost as if they've been programmed to surrender.

Now that we think of it, we haven't seen troops this poorly trained (or traitorous) in more than three years!

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Anonymous said...

Talking about "psych evaluations"

...and interpreting some childish humor cartoon at face value...