Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pigs for Jesus Foundation

Flanked by stained glass windows, our pig rests comfortably, humbled and gladdened to have been sacrificed for something larger than himself. While not fully angelic—actual, winged pig-angels flutter around the steeple and its pealing bell—he is nevertheless more important than the standard barbecue victim, his death adding up to so much more.

His mortal flesh went toward a holy cause: the raising and slaughter of pigs in the name of Christian charity. Which makes this guy better than your garden-variety dead pig. And which explains the twinkle in the pig's eye and the expectant look on his face, as though he just can't wait to share his good news with you.

Would it be gauche to point out here that Jesus would have declined any pigs butchered in his behalf? Keeping kosher means never having to say you're sorry. To the pigs. For eating them.

(Thanks to Dr. Charlotte for the referral.)

Addendum (5/08/10): And here's the same pig in service of a secular, though still pig-eating, concern.


Anonymous said...

Freaky! Evidently the foundation is run by former NFL star Terry Bradshaw, and the web site shows Terry kissing a pig.

Desdemona said...

Praise the lard!

Anonymous said...

At least some one is trying to feed the hungery i dont see Peta or any groups like you all out there trying to help so get this crap off here and let us be normal

Anonymous said...

What exactly does 'normal' mean?
I'm not from Peta because I'm on this website.

The pig seems thoughtful, he's contemplating his fate as food perhaps?